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New Commentary in JAMA: California’s Industry Friendly Regulatory Approach to Cannabis Undermines Public Health

Getting it Right from the Start, July 13, 2022

A new commentary published in the prestigious JAMA Health Forum offers a timely analysis of how an industry-friendly approach to cannabis regulation is undermining the health of Californians – particularly vulnerable populations. The article –  California Cannabis Markets—Why Industry-Friendly Regulation Is Not Good Public Health – authored by a trio of substance abuse and public health experts, asserts that as cannabis legalization spreads and markets expand, states must put in place more sensible guardrails that prioritize public health, protect youth and advance social equity.

Sen. Dr. Richard Pan, Physicians, Parents, Public Health, Youth, Child and Substance Abuse Groups Gather to Urge Passage of the Cannabis Right to Know Act

March 31, 2022

(CA) Today, pediatricians, obstetricians, emergency medicine physicians, addiction medicine specialists, public health, youth, children’s’ and substance use prevention groups, and parents whose children have suffered from serious cannabis related health harms will join together for a virtual press conference to urge the State legislature to pass The Cannabis Right to Know Act (SB 1097 – Senator Pan). Watch video of the event here!

Child and Youth Advocates Statewide Held a Virtual Press Conference to Oppose Tax Cuts Proposed by the Cannabis Industry

Youth Forward, Getting it Right from the Start, February 16, 2022

“Like all industries, the cannabis industry wants to have its taxes reduced,” says Dr. Lynn Silver of the Getting it Right from the Start program of the Public Health Institute. “A key factor in Proposition 64’s passage was the promise that new revenues would serve the public good. Now the industry wants do undo that promise to increase its profits.”

California’s Local Cannabis Policies Can’t Keep Pace With Surging Sales, Leaving Public Health and Equity Behind

Getting it Right from the Start, December 2, 2021

While legal cannabis sales in California are increasing dramatically, local policy efforts to protect youth and public health have lagged behind, according to a statewide study conducted by the Public Health Institute’s Getting it Right from the Start Project.

The State of Cannabis: Local Scorecards Provide Glimpse into California’s ‘Wild West’ Patchwork of Cannabis Policies

Getting it Right from the Start, January 14, 2021

“California is solidly in the ‘Wild West’ of cannabis regulation, creating an overheated cannabis market that has already led to increases in teen use. This approach can have serious negative impacts on physical and mental health, as well as equity.”

California’s Local Marijuana Laws Fail to Heed Decades of Lessons from Tobacco Controls

Getting it Right from the Start, June 19, 2020

“While promising examples of local innovation are emerging, our study shows that California state and many local governments have allowed the cannabis industry to adopt the same tactics that made tobacco a public health menace. We need far more cautious rules to fulfill our collective responsibility to protect young people. It is critical to move quickly to get marijuana regulations right from the start and assure that a legal industry is also truly a safer industry.”