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Assessment of Incorporation of Lessons From Tobacco Control in City and County Laws Regulating Legal Marijuana in California

What legal limits have cities and counties adopted since California legalized marijuana use for adults, and to what extent do these legal limits incorporate public health recommendations and lessons from tobacco control? This cross-sectional study of all 539 California cities and counties found that jurisdictions differed widely in how they regulated marijuana and that key public health recommendations and lessons from tobacco control have generally not been adopted, although local innovation is emerging.

California Cannabis Tax Revenues: A Windfall for Law Enforcement or an Opportunity for Healing Communities?

Proposition 64 promised to take cannabis revenues and invest them in youth programs, substance abuse treatment, and more. This report from Youth Forward and PHI’s Getting It Right from the Start, shows cities across California are are spending cannabis revenues on city and county law enforcement.

Cannabis Products

Product diversification is a key and concerning strategy of today’s cannabis industry. From inhalables to edibles, these are some basics and examples of commonly used products.