SB 1097 - The Cannabis Right to Know Act

Vote Aye: Support SB 1097 (Pan) – The Cannabis Right to Know Act

Let’s make our voices heard! California cannabis consumers deserve clear, comprehensive labels & science-based health & safer use information. Please urge the california legislature to support SB 1097 (@SenDrPan): The Cannabis Right to Know Act!

The Cannabis Right to Know Act Fact Sheet & Bill Language

SB 1097 (Pan) Cannabis Right to Know Act will provide accurate, visible, and science-based health and safer-use warning labels allowing Californians to recognize a legal product more easily and make informed decisions when purchasing cannabis. Check out our bill fact sheet and bill lanaguage:

SB 1097: Where’s the Warning Label?

Where’s The Warning Label?:  Current Cannabis information labels fail to protect or inform California Consumers. Don’t believe us? Can you find the required warning label on these commonly sold cannabis products?

SB 1097 and Rising Emergency Room Visits

Too many people are ending up in our Emergency Departments due to problems associated with using cannabis – especially when it is too strong or used too frequently. Fact Sheet: Rising Cannabis Related Emergency Room Visits

    The Cannabis Right to Know Supporters

    SB 1097 is supported by a broad coalition of public and medical health groups, youth advocates, consumer rights organizations, and concerned parents. Supporters include: American Academy of Pediatrics – California, California Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists – California, The Public Health Institute, Youth Forward, and Public Health Advocates. View full list of supporters here.